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Tarot Readings & Classes


Whether you want private lessons for you or a group, we have you covered. We can coordinate on-site classes or online readings to ensure the best environment for you. We have even taught the art & skill of reading tarot in an urban winery!

Certified Readers & Instructors


Learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why STRATEGIC TAROT offers classes by experienced readers with tarot certification.  We are passionate about reading and teaching tarot, offering a world of knowledge.

Esoteric Tools For Success


STRATEGIC TAROT uses a variety of esoteric tools: tarot, symbolism, numerology and astrology. If you're interested in journaling, creative writing, artwork or goal setting, we can help. We have strategies for success in love, work and business.

Welcome to Strategic Tarot



STRATEGIC TAROT is a soul-based business exploring the art and skill of reading tarot cards. 

My name is Sherri Vasquez and I created STRATEGIC TAROT to make tarot fun and easy. It’s a creative, pro-active way to face changes, challenges and choices. It's also a useful tool for personal, professional and spiritual growth.

I completed a rigorous tarot certification program by industry leader, recognized by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.   It's a great complement to my other experience:

· Bachelor’s Degree, University of Colorado-Boulder

· Staff Writer & Editor, Rocky Mountain News, Denver

· Master’s Degree, University of Denver

· Marketing V.P., Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

· TV Host/Producer, “Latin View,” on PBS stations



Tarot is a deck of 78 illustrated cards with colorful artwork and a variety of designs and themes. It is considered a helpful tool … something I have found to be true after 20 years  of use.

For centuries, people have compared tarot to a road map for life’s journey, offering insight on love, money, career and family. 

It can be used for enhancing intuition, understanding the cycles of life, inspiring creativity and increasing self-awareness. It is also a pro-active way to set and attain goals. 



Entertaining and enlightening, tarot began as a card game for royalty and is trendy again thanks to the Internet.

Tarot has become a global sensation among bloggers, podcasters and online video channels like YouTube. 

The prestigious Pew Research Center recently released a study reporting that about a quarter of U.S. adults (27%) now think of themselves as spiritual but not religious. 

Tarot can be an effective tool for spiritual development.



The classic Rider-Waite-Smith pack is the recommended deck for beginners because it has all the basic components like symbolism , numerology and astrological associations.

It is the deck on which most others are based. Once the Rider-Waite deck is learned, it’s fun to explore other versions.



Tarot has even captivated the food and fashion industries. 

The Epicurean Tarot includes recipe cards for foodies and wine lovers. 

Prophecy Wine of California now has a line of several wines based on tarot themes. 



“Tarot is trending,” reported The New York Times on Oct. 25, 2017 after Christian Dior released a tarot-inspired fashion line.